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Power to transform technology into products

The many products proudly brought to you by TOYO KAGAKU did not come into being solely from leading-edge manufacturing technology. It is the vigorous curiosity of R&D personnel to grasp the needs of next generation faster and find how we should propose these as a production, in addition to the results of steadfast research, which is the driving force behind the birth of new products.
We hope to aggressively set about the task of developing products that can help to make our lives even healthier and richer, and realize the creation of new products without adhering strictly to preconceived notions.

The power to think ahead markets and look further in the future is vital for enabling new developments. To this end, we shall evaluate coming themes while taking our customers’ comments to heart. We shall also promote the development of new products by combining the results of development as well as pursuing materials applied research and development of applications. In this way, we shall transform years of experience and knowledge of technology into products required by the market.


For many years, TOYO KAGAKU pushed ahead with development into adhesive products around the themes of comfort, convenience and health. Now, the emphasis has shifted over to the search for new added-value products that are even more useful and gratifying. We are not limiting ourselves to areas of medicine such as pharmaceuticals. We are working towards new applications and fields in the area of health and beauty around diverse themes.

  • Research into functional materials We are conducting exhaustive research into which applications new materials proposed by material manufacturers and trading houses are suited to and what the materials are useful for. For example, we utilized the benefit of stretch urethane non-woven fabric tape of how it feels on the skin, it was the first industry used this material in adhesive bandages. We have generated the major result of new products because of combination of various materials.
    Hydrocolloid preparations are also distinguished products with strong adhesion and thin formulations by our own development.
  • Development of Formulations In addition to research into the functionality to protect wounds – the chief purpose of adhesive bandages – we are engaged in the development of formulations for adding extra active ingredients to improve product effectiveness.
    We do not limit ourselves to conventional fabrication technology. We are challenging the new branch of developing a technology to freely manipulate active ingredients. So that we can aid “people’s health and comfortable living,” we are searching for paths to success by focusing on building a collaborative relationship among industry, government and academia.
  • Research into functionality/Safety evaluation The evaluation of functionality and safety is both important and vital in the research of materials and formulations to ensure that reliable products reach the market. Issues such as how less likely results will deviate from allowable tolerances, how far wounds will heal or how products feel during use are evaluated from various angles. So that customers can use TOYO KAGAKU products with confidence, we conduct continual and repeated assessment and research designed to meet strict functionality and safety criteria.
  • Test coater We equip the test coater that can various adhesive process. It enables to develop our original products.

Technological and Product Development

TOYO KAGAKU was the first domestic manufacture developed first-aid adhesive bandages that use silicone adhesive. And also we had developed a hydrocolloid formulation several years ago by our proprietary technology and we integrated manufacturing from coating to commercialization. At our Technology Dept., we are leveraging our core technology of adhesive technology and processing technology to create innovative, new products with completely new added value. Besides research into adhesives, we are also studying bases films such as urethane. By pursuing further added value and inroads into wider sectors of industry, we are broadening the scope of application of our adhesive products. In this way, we are expanding our base of manufacturing expertise and technology to the upstream area of R&D. We shall further expand our business with our sights wet firmly on future goals based on our core technology.