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Our proprietary products are supported as distinctive items in various uses.
We launched the industry’s first urethane material first-aid adhesive tape in 1986, and later we introduced it which is developed a first-aid adhesive tape combining urethane material and silicone adhesive to the market ahead of the industry. It is acknowledged as the first-aid adhesive tape that can withstand hard use by distinctive adhesiveness.
Hydrocolloid products are conducted from adhesive coating to processing in-house, we produce and sale it which have distinctive thinness and adhesion as proprietary products.
Our other original products are shown below.

The products combining urethane base and silicone adhesion

First-aid adhesive tape made with urethane materials and silicone adhesion is our typical products since we launched the first to the market in Japan.

Hydrocolloid products

Our proprietary hydrocolloid products which is integrated producing from coating to manufacturing.

Adhesive bandage for protect site of puncture

To meet customers requests we manufacture the products placed various pads.

Detective bandage

The special adhesive bandage which can be detected by X-ray foreign matter detector to prevent foreign matter in food factory.

The products for occlusive dressing treatment

The adhesive bandage for promoting effect of local anesthesia by occlusive dressing treatment.
The special adhesive bandage has 14μ PET film with evaporated aluminum as pad on 50μ urethane adhesive film.