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TOPProduction System

High production capacity of pharmaceutical products and medical devices

Production Lines

Production line based on ISO13485 consistently produce top-quality products We manufacture high quality products comply with GMP standards for pharmaceutical, and in manufacturing medical devices we are on strict manufacturing and quality control system based on the international quality management system ISO13485.
In production, our latest production lines are capable of simultaneously manufacturing products in a diverse range of sizes and shapes. Outstanding production technology and the enthusiasm of skilled staff has led to major improvement in productivity, and committed effort to save labor and automate production processes has resulted in products for high-quality and low-cost.
A through system of quality control including stringent quality checks and the elimination of unacceptable products is maintained on all production lines.
We also have a packaging line that can simultaneously accommodate a varied range of products in varying shapes and size to respond to ever-diversifying needs. It is our aim to improve efficiency even further by introducing integrated production lines that can handle all of the process from production through to packing.

  • The latest air-conditioning facilities and strict management system for keeping the whole factory in a clean room environment.
  • Packaging line
  • Productivity is greatly enhanced by the latest production line that make products quickly and reliably.

Quality control

Our head office factory completed in November 1997, by complying with GMP in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and gaining ISO 13485 certification in manufacture of medical devices, conduct strict checks from design stage onwards and pay attention to both aspects of safety and hygiene to realized an ideal production environment such as air showers are installed at personnel door and at materials supply entrances to prevent the inflow of insects, dust, germs and other small foreign matters. Quality products are manufactured at all times under a through quality control system by production lines that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and production technology, and specially trained skilled personnel. In the quality manual, not only the manufacturing processes and related processes but also essential items are properly stipulated in order to make continuous improvements. To ensure the production of products of consistently high quality using adhesives that are effected by temperature and humidity like living creatures, current circumstances must be correctly identified by a database of store past data.
We have been able to achieve world-class production plants because of our adherence to our founding corporate philosophy of “responding to everybody’s trust” by bringing outstanding products that support peoples’ health and comfortable living to the market.

Stylization system of complying with ISO 13485

Pre-conditioning room

Leave the products for a certain time in a preconditioning room, maintained at a constant temperature and humidity, before sterilize. And bring it to sterilizer after making it into the certain temperature and humidity.

EOG sterilizer

The sterilizer which is using ethylene oxide gas. The used gas is combusted considering the environment.