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Our aim is to enhance corporate innovation

Corporate philosophy

Business policy

  1. We shall aid society by helping “people’s health and comfortable living” through our products.
  2. We shall work towards a society where all of our employees can enjoy “happiness” and “abundance” through our customers’ satisfaction.
  3. We shall work towards “building character” where we can learn together and help and elevate each other through work.


“TOYO KAGAKU” was founded as “Oka chemical manufacturing company”, a manufacturer of external plasters, in 1959 and renamed to “TOYO KAGAKU Co., Ltd.” in 1974; we have reached the present as an adhesive bandage manufacturer.
Our corporate philosophy is “We shall continue our quest to make adhesive product that contribute to people’s health and comfortable living”. We conduct corporate activities under company concept of contributing to society through the product.
Since our founding, TOYO KAGAKU respond to customers needs and brought the original products with new features to the market by technical and development capabilities cultivated over the years.
The inquisitive to make the impossible possible and the pioneering spirit to challenge new things, these make it possible to launch our various proprietary products such as the Japan’s first first-aid adhesive bandage using the urethane materials, the first-aid adhesive bandage that can be detected by X-ray foreign matter detector, and the first-aid adhesive bandage for a tourniquet using a cellulose sponge and so on.We will endeavor to manufacture new products in diverse field by making use of our experienced know-how.


Address 【Head office factory】
1008 Oaza Terajiri hino-cho Gamo-gun, Shiga prefecture, Japan 529-1606
TEL:0748-52-5000 FAX:0748-53-0635
【Ritto development Laboratory】
Industrial Research Center of Shiga prefecture c/o Corporate support wing, 232 Kamitoyama Ritto City, Shiga prefecture , Japan 520-3004
Founded April 1, 1959
Established June 24, 1974
Cpital 11 million yen
CEO Keiji Oka
Business Line Manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, over-the-counter medications, sales of cosmetics and hygiene products, and sales of other medical related products


Apr. 1959 Founded as Oka Chemical Manufacturing Company at 2515 Oaza Kaigake Hino-cho Gamou-gun Shiga Prefecture Started production of external plaster
Nov. 1971 Started production of adhesive bandages
Jun. 1974 Incorporated and renamed as TOYO KAGAKU Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1978 Built Hino Plant at 110 Oaza Hida Hino-cho Gamo-gun Shiga Prefecture
Dec. 1985 Built new warehouse at Hino Plant
Aug. 1988 Opened Ohmihachiman sales office at 4th flr of Fuji Bldg., 289 Sakuramiya-cho Ohmihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture
Jul. 1993 Opened Osaka sales office
Nov. 1997 Moved offices and plant to 1008 Oaza Terajiri Hino-cho Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Integrated Headquarters Plant, Hino Plant and Ohmihachiman sales office
Mar. 1998 Moved Headquarters to 1008 Oaza Terajiri Hino-cho Gamo-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Mar. 1998 Acquired ISO 9002 certification and EN46002 (scope of application: adhesive bandages)
Mar. 2000 Closed Osaka sales office
Feb. 2003 Expanded product warehouse
Mar. 2003 Upgraded to ISO 9001 : 2000
Mar. 2004 Upgraded to ISO 13485 : 2003
Oct. 2005 Published corporate philosophy
Jul. 2007 Established technological development div.
Dec. 2007 Opened Ritto Development Laboratory
Apr. 2009 Released moist bandage “Hydrohelp“
Sep. 2009 Got the second class medical devices marketing license
Mar. 2010 Upgraded ISO9001 : 2008
Apr. 2010 Started to supply OEM of hydrocolloid bandage “Cutban moist“
Dec. 2010 Built new laboratory
Nov. 2012 Released hydrocolloid bandage “MoistCure”
May 2015 Started mail order
Jun. 2015 Established new business development div.
Mar. 2016 “Kizu-quick” certified controlled medical devices
Mar. 2017 Merged with PIAC Co., Ltd.